Neighbours Recap: What Happened to Toadie, Mel, Paul, Terese & the Rest of Ramsay Street In the Finale

If you’re diving back in to Neighbours this week for the new episodes, here’s where we last left Toadie, Mel, Paul, Terese and the others.

Neighbours A New Chapter cast poster
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Contains spoilers for Neighbours.

Last year’s announcement that Neighbours was ending (which it did, briefly, but then like a boomerang, came right back) prompted the return of its prodigal children. Not just the on-screen ones journeying to Ramsay Street to reunite with lost loves/burn down Lassiters/marry Paul Robinson, but also us – the Aussie soap’s lapsed viewers. We came back too, sticking one last hopeful hand into the cookie jar of nostalgia, hoping to feel… well, anything.

The only problem: Neighbours was unrecognisable. There was no Helen Daniels and Bouncer had long retired to the big farm in the sky. If you’d drifted away at some point between the third Lucy Robinson and the plane crash that turned Harold Bishop into the Erinsborough strangler, then this is for you. Here’s a handy guide to Neighbours’ current plots and characters. Never ask ‘Who’s Paige? again.

What Happened In the Finale?

In July 2022, more or less every family in Ramsay Street bar Karl and Susan Kennedy had decided to up sticks and move away for a fresh start (see details below). Paul Robinson and his brood were off to New York, leaving his will-they-won’t-they ex Terese behind. Toadie and his fiancee Mel and the kids were going somewhere they wouldn’t be plagued by memories of his dead wife and more importantly, his old ponytail. Everything was set to change.


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