Star Wars Ahsoka’s Night Troopers Call Back to One of the Empire’s Weirdest Evil Plans

Captain Enoch and his Night Troopers are brand-new to Star Wars, but they also call back to other dark Empire experiments from Legends.

Captain Enoch in Star Wars: Ahsoka
Photo: Lucasfilm

This Star Wars: Ahsoka article contains spoilers.

Ahsoka has wasted no time introducing fans to all kinds of new lore and corners of the Star Wars universe. From bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn to live action for the first time to an extragalactic adventure to the homeworld of the Nightsisters, Ahsoka is taking us where no other live action Star Wars project has gone before.

Then there’s the show’s surprising new take on Imperial stormtroopers, specifically the gold-accented Night Troopers serving Lars Mikkelsen’s Thrawn on Peridia. Presumably, these are the same troopers who were stationed in Thrawn’s fleet when Ezra had them all zapped by purrgil to parts unknown at the end of Rebels, and it’s clear they’ve fallen on some hard times in the decade since.

As Thrawn makes his dramatic entrance to meet Lady Morgan, Baylan, and Shin on Peridia, we get a good look at his ranks with their cracked, dirty armor, the damage repaired kintsugi-style with gold and gray metals or bandaged up with a blood red fabric similar to the color of the Nightsisters’ robes. And they’re now led by the mysterious Captain Enoch, a stormtrooper whose helmet faceplate has been replaced by a very creepy golden mask. In other words, these are not your average stormtroopers, and it gets weirder.


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