Taskmaster’s Best Tasks Ranked from Very Funny to Life-Changing

To celebrate the arrival of series 16, we celebrate the 50 best Taskmaster tasks of all time (so far!).

Taskmaster Greg Davies Alex Horne
Photo: Avalon

What’s your favourite Taskmaster task? Did it result in a delicious failure or a triumphant win? Was it a crafty solution from a cunning mind, or a bonkers, impractical response that could only have come from the brain of John Kearns?

We asked our writers to nominate their favourites, in order (and not including Prize Tasks because that’s already been covered here), and collated the results into the Top 50 below. With 15 series proper, two Champion of Champions specials, and multiple New Year’s Treat episodes, there were approximately 89,000 tasks to choose from, hence a nice, neat 50. 

If you’re at all concerned about the scientific robustness of our approach, rest assured that Google Sheets formulas were used in the creation of this list, resulting in an entirely accurate ranking order that cannot be questioned. Well alright, you can question it. (At points during this 9,000+ word endeavour, we all questioned it.)

So, what are the best Taskmaster tasks of all time? Here’s our top 50. Your time starts now.


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