Ncuti Gatwa Says the Perfect Goodbye To Eric in Sex Education Season 4

Ncuti Gatwa’s character Eric in Sex Education’s final series gets the most profound and important exit of all. Bring on the TARDIS.

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric in Sex Education
Photo: netflix

WARNING: contains spoilers for Sex Education seasons 1-4

The first series of Netflix teen drama Sex Education came out so long ago – in January 2019, pre-Covid, aka The Before Times – that it’s hard to remember a baby Otis and Eric turning up at their first day of sixth form. But even on day one, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric foreshadowed just how big a journey the characters would go on throughout the show’s four series, telling Otis (Asa Butterfield): “We shall transform from lowly caterpillars into… awesome killer whales?” 

Back then, Eric was one of the only two gay people in his year (“that we know of”, he stresses), and he was constantly bullied, literally being pushed up against the lockers and called a “f**” in the first episode, as if the show was trying to win a full house in Stereotypical High School Drama Bingo. Later in the series, he’s the victim of a drive-by gay bashing, and the initial glimpses of his strict religious Nigerian-Ghanaian family hint that he might end up estranged from them and his faith, a victim of their inability to accept his true identity.

So far, so textbook gay-best-friend character, and so disappointing.


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