Only Murders in the Building Season 3: Do the Title Clues Reveal the Murderer?

Only Murders in the Building season 3 might have hidden the killer in plain sight – if you know where to look.

Loretta Durkin (Meryl Streep) and Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) in Only Murders in the Building season 3
Photo: Patrick Harbron | Hulu

This article contains plot recap and minor spoilers regarding Only Murders in the Building season 3.

It wouldn’t feel like late summer transitioning into the crispness of fall if there wasn’t another season of the perennial comedic murder-mystery Only Murders in the Building. Co-creators Steve Martin and John Hoffman’s New York seems to hone in on the magic of the Big Apple, wrapping you in colorful cardigans, raining orange leaves upon you, and allowing you to curl up and enjoy witty one-liners and the charming score of Siddhartha Khosla.

But don’t get too comfortable.

Like the real New York, the charm is juxtaposed with some big city crime, and in the third season, that is the murder of faded Hollywood star Ben Gilroy (Paul Rudd). Ben collapses on opening night of “Death Rattle” – the play that could give Oliver (Martin Short) a new lease on his career. It also gives Charles (Steve Martin) an opportunity to get away from his cult-classic television character and act under Broadway lights. 


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