There’s Only One Way to Reboot The Office

The rumored Office reboot has a chance to do something amazing … or at least weird.

"Beach Party" episode of The Office
Photo: NBC

There are many indicators that the WGA writers’ strike will soon be over. The most reliable one, of course, is that the WGA itself has announced that it will be. There are still some “i’s” to be dotted and some “t’s” to be crossed but after 146 days of picketing, the WGA has come to a tentative agreement with the AMPTP.

If hearing it directly from the horse’s mouth isn’t enough proof, however, there’s another strong reason to suspect that the writers’ strike is wrapping up: we’re already talking about a reboot of The Office again.

The prospect of fresh episodes from one of TV’s most popular and successful sitcoms is never too far from studio executives’ minds. Based on the British version of the same name, the American Office ran for nine well-received seasons and is currently a reliable streaming tentpole – so much so that NBCUniversal paid half a billion dollars to Netflix to get the series back on its native Peacock. An Office reboot is perpetually the industry’s “break glass in case of emergency” contingency. And coming off dual strikes that shut down Hollywood for six months, it seems as though producers are ready to break that glass.

According to Puck News, one of the many new projects that could get rolling once the strike is officially wrapped is a reboot of The Office from original showrunner Greg Daniels. This news has not yet been confirmed by Daniels, NBC, or anyone else involved. But it certainly does not strain credulity that more episodes of the beloved sitcom could be on the way. The big question, however, is: what would they look like? Allow us to make a suggestion.


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