Alison Hammond Is Exactly The Ingredient Bake Off Needs

With legendary interview techniques and a history of serving up sweet, sweet chaos on TV, we salute the new Great British Bake Off Presenter

Alison Hammond on The Great British Bake Off
Photo: Channel 4

After a somewhat disastrous series of The Great British Bake Off last year, with too-tough tasks and a distinct lack of actual baking, we’re going into the new series with our hopes rising like a fresh-out-of-the-oven bread lion.

For one thing, producers have confirmed that they’re going back to basics with the tasks to let the bakers shine at what they do best (which, as it turns out, is baking rather than, say, knocking up culturally insensitive tacos – who knew?)

But just as promising is the new presenting line-up: after Matt Lucas chose to leave the show last year, Noel Fielding will now be joined by the wonderful Alison Hammond.

The host of This Morning (and former contestant on Big Brother) has grown a reputation for creating laugh-out-loud viral moments. From her textbook style of bringing the best out of celebrity interviews to her entertaining mishaps, Hammond sprinkles magic over every TV show she appears on. Here are the past moments that suggest she could be the extra ingredient to save Bake Off.


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