Fun Things You Might Not Know About Richard Osman’s House of Games

James Acaster’s smashed trophy, Rufus Hound’s chair flip, the wedding it led to, the prizes nobody ever picks, and more.

Richard Osman's House of Games with Ken Bruce, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Richard Osman, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Professor Alice Roberts
Photo: Remarkable Television,Graeme Hunter

Is Richard Osman’s House of Games the perfect teatime quiz show? It’s certainly in contention. Silly, funny and warm, it makes very good company. The armchairs exude a sense of convivial relaxation. There are no flashing-lights podiums or tense burden of cash prizes, making it a wholly gentler experience than, say, The Chase. It keeps the same four contestants all week long, meaning that the kind of rapport other quiz shows try to manufacture in rapid-fire Q&As with the host can naturally develop. The personalities and relationships are almost as important as the rounds and questions, and it’s all done with a sense of humour – from the deliberately naff 1970s gameshow-style fondue sets and carriage clock prizes, to the enjoyable silliness behind almost every round.

To celebrate the new series airing now on weekdays at 6pm on BBC Two, here are a few fun titbits about the show.

James Acaster Smashed His Trophy After Being Menaced by Anne Diamond

Speaking on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast in 2020, comedian James Acaster described how the other contestants sucked the fun out of his 2018 House of Games appearance, resulting in a drunken trophy-smashing episode.

Proving the common observation that House of Games’ rounds, with their silly formats, comedic wordplay and speed buzzers, are naturally suited to the quick-thinking minds of comedians, Acaster won the first three days on the trot. His prowess irked fellow contestants Anne Diamond and Samantha Womack, who he says turned on him the Green Room after the Wednesday recording. Acaster duly hung back from the buzzer in the final two episodes, allowing Diamond to sweep in and sweep up.


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