Star Wars: Ahsoka Episode 7 Review – Dreams and Madness

Ahsoka races to its finale with a penultimate episode that feels like a lot of setup.

Star Wars Ahsoka Episode 7
Photo: Lucasfilm

This Star Wars: Ahsoka review contains spoilers.

Ahsoka Episode 7

“Dreams and Madness,” Ahsoka season 1’s penultimate episode, looks great on paper but falls short in execution. We get to spend more time with Ezra and Sabine, we get to see Thrawn exert his tactical dominance from his war room on Peridea, there’s a frantic space chase inside a Purrgil graveyard, and we’re even treated to a lengthy cameo by C-3PO. So why does the episode fall a little flat?

It’s not that there’s one big issue that tanks the entire episode. Rather, it’s an accumulation of little creative decisions that don’t hit the mark. Take C-3PO saving Hera and Teva’s asses in the courtroom, for example. It’s fun to see him put Senator Xiono in his place and clear Hera’s name on Leia’s behalf, but as a courtroom scene, this thing could not have been more lacking in tension. Beat for beat, the sequence is poorly paced, and it’s as predictable as it gets (wasn’t there a scene just like this in a Mighty Ducks movie?). Hera’s back and forth with the New Republic bureaucracy is the weakest recurring storyline in the series, which is a shame, because it does serve the purpose of establishing the dire implications of Thrawn’s return. Chop’s fiery reaction to Xiono’s “mere droids” comment was pretty funny, though.

Watching Ahsoka train with an Anakin hologram is…a little awkward. The scene doesn’t add much to what we saw in “Shadow Warrior,” and kinda feels like a flimsy excuse to get Hayden Christensen up on the screen again. The subsequent minefield sequence and chase through the Purrgil graveyard features some nice nods to the asteroid field in The Empire Strikes Back but ultimately feels a little too familiar to stand on its own. And speaking of Purrgil, were we not meant to feel terrible that they were being bludgeoned with magnetic mines? Huyang and Ahsoka’s comments about them “providing cover” does come off as a bit cruel…


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