Does Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Fix The Franchise’s Biggest Timeline Issue?

Fans thought this timeline problem would never be solved but did Power Rangers’ 30th season do it in one line?

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. (L-R) Chance Perez as Javi, Jacqueline Joe as Fern, Hunter Deno as Amelia, Kai Moya as Ollie, and Tessa Rao as Izzy in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023
Photo: Netflix

This Power Rangers Cosmic Fury article contains spoilers through episode 9.

2025. A year that’s loomed over Power Rangers since 2005 when Power Rangers S.P.D., the 13th season of the franchise, aired. S.P.D.’s unusual jump forward in the timeline (previously each season had more or less matched it years of airing) was so the show could tell stories about an Earth that, to quote the shows first episode, “has become a haven for all alien races who come from the farthest reaches of the galaxy.” 

The world of S.P.D. was one where aliens lived freely amongst humans, just a regular part of everyday life, and the titular Space Patrol Delta protected Earth against the few aliens who refused to live in harmony. It set up the idea that, within twenty years of the season’s airing, Earth in the Power Rangers universe would soon be crawling with aliens. But as each subsequent season got closer to 2025 and aliens never showed up to Earth en masse? Fans began to worry that the show would never address it. It seemed more and more likely that a season would air and be set in 2025 and there would be no mention of aliens. This would shatter the (admittedly already battered) Power Rangers timeline.

While a few aliens had shown up on Earth in the interim between 2005 and 2025, restaurateur Piggy in Mystic Force (2006), Andresian Orion in Super Megaforce (2014), and some Rafkonians in Dino Fury (2022), they weren’t integrated into society the way S.P.D. portrayed. Fans would try and explain it away with theories such as the aliens only live in New Tech City (where much of S.P.D. takes place) but you think someone in at least the last five or ten years of the show would mention aliens living on Earth at some point. You could try and fudge the dates but S.P.D. was clear. Episode 32, “Wormhole” conclusively gave an onscreen date of 2025. The chances of Power Rangers addressing this impending massive gap in its continuity looked impossible.


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