Loki Season 2 Challenges the Anti-Hero’s Redemption Story in More Ways Than One

Loki is a multiversal epic that is the keystone in an even bigger multiversal epic, but it is also, more importantly, the story of one guy—Loki himself.

Loki Season 2
Photo: Marvel Studios

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Loki has been on a journey. From would-be royal assassin and usurper, to attempted Earth conqueror, to redemption, to death, to that death turning out to be fake, to a second redemptive arc, to actual death, all the way back to attempted Earth conqueror again, and then, finally, along one last redemptive arc in season one of the Disney+ series, Loki.

But there is always a challenge when a character shifts from villain to antihero to straight-up hero. Part of Loki’s appeal has always been that he is a loveable bastard. So now that Loki has gone full hero, where is there for him to go next?

Loki has clearly changed over the course of that first season, and he knows he’s changed,” says Kevin Wright, co-executive producer on Loki seasons one and two. “He might not be able to tell you exactly what that change is, but something in him is different.”


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