Best Australian TV Series Streaming in the US & UK: Mr Inbetween, Bluey, Deadloch…

Love The Newsreader, Colin From Accounts, Black Snow and Glitch? Try these other Australian TV treats.

(L-R) No Activity, Black Snow, Deadloch
Photo: BBC, Prime Video

Not so long ago, the only Australian TV shows imported by the UK and US were soaps and the odd kids’ series. Neighbours, Home & Away, Prisoner: Cell Block H (it needed the subhead in the UK and US so people didn’t confuse it with the 1960s sci-fi show and wonder why Patrick McGoohan had been replaced by a bunch of tough-talking, shiv-wielding broads in dungarees), Heartbreak High, and child trauma factory Round the Twist went overseas, but not much else.

It didn’t make for a very complete picture. 30 years ago, if you’d asked a British person to conjure up Australia based solely on its available TV output, they’d have pictured a land of bait shops, haunted lighthouses, prison wings, and cul de sacs where good neighbours become good friends. Ask one now, and thanks to streaming, it’d be a much broader church, based on viewing comedies, thrillers, dramas, detective shows and more.

Here are some of the best Australian TV series currently available to stream in the UK and US. We’ll update this selection as new series arrive.

Mr Inbetween

Stream on: Disney+ (UK); Hulu (US)


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