This Ahsoka Finale Moment Would Have Been a Perfect Star Wars Post-Credit Scene

The Ahsoka finale may not have a post-credits scene, but there’s one moment in episode 8 that basically serves the same purpose as an end credit stinger.

Baylan and Shin in Star Wars: Ahsoka
Photo: Lucasfilm

This Star Wars: Ahsoka article contains spoilers.

Despite losing to Grand Admiral Thrawn and getting stranded on Peridia for the foreseeable future, Ahsoka and Sabine still somehow manage to end things on a high note. They’ve both learned from each other and grown throughout the season, and now they’re truly ready to believe in themselves and trust in each other. It’s really no surprise that Sabine is finally able to use the Force once she’s strengthened her connection with Ahsoka, who makes a master’s promise to always have her padawan’s back, no matter what.

It’s why despite everything that’s happened, Ahsoka and Sabine seem very much at peace with their grim circumstances at the end of the season. “Ezra is where he needs to be, and so are we,” Ahsoka tells her apprentice as they walk off to join their new friends, the Noti. “It’s time to move on.” Sure, they’ve lost touch with Ezra once again, Thrawn’s about to launch a galaxy-altering assault on the fledgling New Republic, and they don’t have anyway to get home to help, but Ahsoka believes more than ever in the will of the Force, so much so that even Anakin’s Force ghost can’t help but crack a smile from afar. His padawan has grown into a wise master.

But trouble is already brewing elsewhere on Peridia. The finale features a big teaser for what’s ahead that would have made quite the buzzworthy post-credits scene. Instead, the moment in question happens just a minute or two before Ghost Anakin bids a nostalgic farewell to the audience.


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