Lupin Part 3 Ending Explained

Faked deaths, nemeses teaming up, and shadowy figures from the past all lead to a surprising twist at the end of Netflix’s Lupin Part 3.

Omar Sy and Soufiane Guerrab in Lupin Part 3.
Photo: Gael Turpo | Netflix

This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Lupin season 3.

When you’re a gentleman thief renowned for his jewel heists, how do you top yourself? By killing the legend. In the latest installment of George Kay’s Lupin, Assane Diop (Omar Sy) faked his own death to protect his family, only to be drawn back into the world of the living when his mother Mariama (Naky Sy Savane) was kidnapped by a dangerous figure from his past. For the first time forced into heists not of his own choosing, Assane has had to rely on his encyclopedic knowledge of literary gentleman thief Arsène Lupin—as well as his usual arsenal of impeccable disguises—to pay a thieves’ ransom in stolen pearls, paintings, and bracelets.

While each heist was the usual blend of clever hiding-in-plain-sight and intricate two-days-ago time jumps that viewers have come to expect, the overall season arc of Lupin Part 3 was relatively straightforward… up until the very last moments, which seemed to recast the last seventeen episodes in a new, more ominous context.

Here’s everything that happened in Lupin season 3, and how it might set up a potential season  4.


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