Gen V Episode 4 Review: Another Boys’ Exercise in Penile Violence

Gen V episode 4 introduces one of The Boys franchise’s scariest characters…and continues its campaign against phalluses.

Derek Wilson (Tek Knight)
Photo: Brooke Palmer | Prime Video

This review contains spoilers for Gen V episode 4.

“The Whole Truth,” the fourth episode of Gen V, features a dick joke in its first act, a dick joke in its third act, and wedged in-between is a dick exploding like a bloody piñata. Ladies and gentlemen, The Aristocrats …. I mean, The Boys!

The Boys universe has always operated under the ironclad comedic principle of “pee-pees are funny” and Gen V seems to be continuing that tradition. And honestly, it’s hard to argue they’re wrong for doing so. Pee-pees are indeed funny! We’ve seen this borne out in the season 3 opener of the flagship series which saw shrinking supe Termite entering an actual human penis and inadvertently blowing it up (along with the body it belongs to) by a sneeze-triggered rapid growth. Just last week on Gen V we saw another shrinking supe Emma (Lizze Broadway) engage with a Great Dane-sized schlong that must have been a hell of a thing for the prop department to craft.

And now, here comes the triple threat of dick humor that includes what is surely the most violent act of penile trauma ever depicted in fiction. Why does Gen V indulge such nonsense? Probably because it’s fun … for everyone except Rufus (Alexander Calvert) at least.


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