Ghosts Series 5 Pays a Touching Tribute to Katy Wix’s Mary

Gone gone, but not forgotten.

Ghosts Katy Wix as Mary
Photo: Monumental/BBC

Warning: contains spoilers for Ghosts series 4 (but none for series 5)

For Ghosts’ first four series – or for 400 years in the world of the show – Button House was home to Mary. Played by Katy Wix, Mary was a 16th century peasant woman who’d been killed in a witch trial and would give off a smell of burning to any “livings” who passed through her (“Tis a most noxious stinks”).

A devotee of watching both Loose Women and Button House resident Mike in the bathroom, Mary’s superstitions, nonsensical grammar, wobbly voice and basket-weaving expertise made her a fan-favourite. And then in the opening minutes of 2022 episode ‘Gone Gone’, Mary ascended up to the mysterious next phase of the afterlife – or to use the official Ghosts parlance, she was sucked off.

A touching episode followed in which Mary’s fellow ghosts dealt with their grief, and two instalments later, the series wrapped up. Now Ghosts’ fifth and final run is here, with the ghosts team still one member short. Katy Wix’s character may be gone gone, but she’s far from forgotten.


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