Loki’s Post-Credits Scene Brought Back a Controversial Marvel Storyline

For her first trick of Loki’s second season, the Variant Sylvie returns to the scene of one of Marvel’s most controversial Thor arcs.

Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in Loki
Photo: Gareth Gatrell/Marvel

This post contains spoilers for Loki season 2

Considering the massive mess she made at the end of season one, Sylvie is largely absent from the first episode of Loki‘s second season. Instead, the ep follows Loki and Mobius M. Mobius as they try to clean up that mess, including the the increased threat of He Who Remains aka Kang the Conqueror aka… well, lots of other also knowns as.

Sylvie doesn’t completely skip out on the episode. The first episode follows the Mighty Marvel (Cinematic Universe) tradition of including a post-credit scene to mix up the plot. In the scene, we see Sylvie stride through a time door and into a golden field. “1982, Broxton, Oklahoma” reads the chyron below, an explanation rendered almost immediately unnecessary when Sylvie enters a McDonald’s (hail corporate synergy!) bathed in browns and yellows.

And what does Sylvie do with her newfound power to visit the past? Well, she orders everything on the menu at McDonald’s, which is something most of us have considered doing at one point or another, but it is isn’t exactly earth-shattering. So why in the world is the end-credit scene there?


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