The Wheel of Time Season 2 Ending Explained

The battle for Falme was as explosive as expected in The Wheel of Time season 2 finale, but who were the final victors?

Rand al-Thor hooded in The Wheel of Time
Photo: Jan Thijs / Prime Video

This article contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 8.

Even with the defeat of a Forsaken and the reunion of the Two Rivers exiles, it wasn’t exactly a fist-pumping victory for the forces of Light in The Wheel of Time season 2 finale. However, several characters reached major turning points in their story arcs providing plenty of satisfaction for viewers, especially for readers of the Robert Jordan novels who were expecting certain touchstone moments to occur. But for those with lingering questions, a closer analysis is warranted.

Ishamael and Lanfear at Odds

For example, what was the endgame for Ishamael and Lanfear? While the former seems determined to stop the wheel of time from repeating history and reincarnating heroes, the latter seems more interested in bringing back her former lover, Lews Therin, than in serving the Dark Lord’s interests. Ishamael seemed to be playing more of a long game, telling Lanfear that Rand would “only break the Wheel if he turns to the Dark, and he’ll only turn if he thinks it’ll save his friends from doing the same.”

Perhaps the only reason Ishamael acquiesced to Lanfear’s meddling was that he thought Mat would kill Rand anyway, according to Min’s prophecy. “I may have to wait until his next life,” he says at one point, and later as Rand lay dying atop the tower, Ishamael seemed ready to move on to the next turning of the wheel. Meanwhile, Lanfear was prepared to dump the six seals of their fellow Forsaken into the ocean just so that she could have her beloved Dragon to herself.


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