Ghosts Solves the Captain’s Mystery With a Heartbreaking Twist

Box-set binge-watchers only! Ghosts series five has answered The Captain’s lingering questions beautifully. Spoilers ahead.

Ben Willbond as The Captain in Ghosts series 5
Photo: Monumental, Guido Mandozzi

Warning: major (or should that be captain?) series 5 spoilers. Avoid unless you’ve already streamed “PINEAPPLE DAY” AND “CARPE DIEM”.

Bespoke portraits, fake teeth, Mike’s monocle and the Button House sign… all treasures taken home from set by the creators of Ghosts after finishing the final series. Of the souvenirs chosen to commemorate five happy years spent making one of the UK’s best-loved comedies, one in particular has taken on extra poignancy. 

Ben Willbond plays Ghosts’ WWII officer, a character (until now) known only as The Captain. Speaking at the BFI Southbank launch of the final series in September, Willbond told the crowd that his chosen filming souvenirs were taken from The Captain’s costume: a medal ribbon band and military stick, items for which Willbond plans to have a presentation box made. 

In series five, The Captain’s military baton was given a backstory that merits the special treatment. Because when is a stick not a stick? When it’s a symbol of undying love.


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