Ghosts Series 5: Meet The Guest Cast – Anna Crilly, Charlie Hamblett & More

As we say a fond farewell to the BBC’s spooky sitcom, here are the new and returning guest stars we’ll meet in the final episodes, and where you’ve seen them before

Anna Crilly and Kiell Smith-Bynoe in Ghosts
Photo: BBC

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for series five of Ghosts

Somehow, the final series of Ghosts has neatly tied up all the show’s loose ends while still leaving us wanting more – which is a jolly good thing considering they’ve confirmed we’re getting one more Christmas special in December 2023.

They really packed a lot into those last six episodes, revealing the heartbreaking truth behind the deaths of Kitty and the Captain, showing Alison and Mike’s next step in life, and giving the whole gang the opportunity to say all the lovely, touching things fans wanted to hear (as well as adding a poignant reference to Mary in the opening credits).

Taking the characters on these final journeys involved lots of flashbacks and new faces, so let’s recap all the most important guest stars from series five:


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