BBC Ghosts Death Stories: How Pat, Thomas, Fanny & The Other Ghosts Died

Catch up on the death stories of the characters in Ghosts series one to five. Spoilers!

The cast of BBC's Ghosts
Photo: BBC/Monumental Pictures/Guido Mandozzi

WARNING: this article contains major SPOILERS for all five series of Ghosts

So the fifth and final series of critically acclaimed BBC sitcom Ghosts is out, and it’s the end of an era, but thankfully the show has bowed out with a flurry of important questions being answered.

This comedy, created by and starring many of the team behind Horrible Histories, has earned itself a dedicated and enthusiastic fandom (as well as an American remake on CBS) thanks largely to its heartwarming ensemble performance.

The majority of the characters are ghosts from various eras, but at first it wasn’t clear how any of them had died. One of the show’s many charms is that over the five series it gradually drip-fed us the hilarious and often lowkey heartbreaking back-stories of these lovable ghosts one by one, but we went into series five with the fate of two ghosts – wartime veteran The Captain and naive Georgian noblewoman Kitty – still a mystery.


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