What’s the Best Order to Watch (All of) Doctor Who?

With every available Doctor Who episode and its wife coming to BBC iPlayer on November 1, how should you approach a Classic and NuWho rewatch? We have options…

2023 Doctor Who diamond logo on purple space background
Photo: BBC iPlayer

Can you feel that? A great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cancelled their BritBox subscriptions.

Yes, the BBC is finally preparing to do what we have wanted them to do all along and drop 800 episodes of Doctor Who plus extras onto iPlayer, where anyone in the UK with a TV licence can see them at any time.

And now it’s your job to watch them all. The question is, in what order should you watch them? Well, there are several options, depending on just how much damage you want to do to your brain when you attempt this.

Easy Mode: Start With the Accessible Stuff and Work Down

Doctor Who has been many different shows over its 60-year history, and not all of those shows will appeal to different people. If this is your first time approaching the classic series after developing a love for the Doctor’s post-Christopher Eccleston adventures, it’s best to take it carefully.


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