Doctor Who: Russell T Davies Teases Brand-New Surprise 60th Anniversary Special

A last-minute secret Doctor Who project was filmed in September, according to RTD’s latest column in Doctor Who Magazine, and fans already have some solid theories…

Russell T Davies Doctor Who
Photo: BBC

That tricksy Russell T Davies is at it again in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, and this time the particular cat he’s set among the Whovian pigeons is the possibility of a brand-new, top-secret 60th anniversary Doctor Who celebration.

Speaking in his regular “Letter From The Showrunner” column in issue 596 of the magazine, he revealed that as well as the three anniversary episodes (starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate) and various other celebrations which have been 18 months in the making, “you’re also getting extra things that sprang into being, well, yesterday.” 

He goes on to explain:

“Okay, it was July, this year. But as the summer began, I was thinking about the 60th and wondered, have we done enough? So I had an idea on July 5, sent a format proposal to the team on July 20, then three scriptwriters got to work, and now, just two months later, in the second half of September, we’re about to embark on a 6-day studio shoot of brand new material that will make you FIZZ! I promise!”


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