Frasier’s Best Episodes: Are There Even Any Bad Ones?

With Kelsey Grammer back as Dr Crane on Paramount+, we celebrate some of Frasier’s greatest original episodes.

Original cast of Frasier promo image
Photo: NBC/Channel 4

With 264 episodes, not a single one of which doesn’t have something to recommend it, picking out the best of NBC’s Frasier (1993 – 2004) is a ridiculous thing to attempt. For a start, you’d need to include all of the dinner party episodes, obviously, plus every story in which Niles and Frasier ruinously compete with one another.

Such a list also couldn’t leave out any occasion on which John Mahoney as Marty Crane swerves mid-comedy to punch you in the gut with feelings, or any of Kelsey Grammer’s brilliantly controlled clowning.

You’d need to represent every perfectly timed trick from Eddie the dog, and have a fair smattering of Maris gags, Roz’s smart mouth and Daphne’s stories of an English childhood just to cover the basics. You’d be into the high 90s before you’d even got going.

To winnow it down to just the 50 best episodes of Frasier? Undoable. There’s the one with the fancy club membership, the wine club corkmaster election, the dead seal on the beach, the Mrs. Moskowitz argument, and Dr Nora. You couldn’t very well leave out the one where Niles and Frasier think they’ve descended from Russian royalty, or the multi-parter that gave the world the joy that is Island Niles. You’d also be a fool to miss the one where Marty eats a magic brownie, the brothers buy caviar on the black market, or just about any time that Lilith turns up…


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