Once Upon a Time Lord Is a Doctor Who Story That Could Only Be a Comic

Exclusive: Dan Slott takes some time away from the Spider-Verse to craft a unique Doctor Who time heist comic.

Doctor Who "Once Upon a Time Lord" Comic
Photo: Titan Comics

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Pretty much the first thing Dan Slott says in our interview is, “I got to write Doctor Who fanfic and got paid for it!”

It’s a feeling that permeates not only our interview but the book Slott is here to talk about, a whopping 66-page special for Titan Comics called Once Upon A Time Lord. Slott seems like a kid who has been locked in the candy store by mistake and intends to scarf down as much candy as he can before someone notices.

But there has been no mistake—Dan Slott is one of the most respected and prolific comic writers working right now, with runs on the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer, and, most famously, Spider-Man behind him. Indeed, Slott’s runs include the epic “Spider-Verse” comic event that inspired the wildly successful ongoing movie trilogy.


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