The Real Ghostbusters: The Rise And Fall of The Coolest Cartoon Of the 1980s

Exclusive: The Real Ghostbusters was one of the coolest cartoons of its generation, and we have the inside story from the folks who made it happen.

The Real Ghostbusters
Photo: United Archives GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo/IFTN

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The 1980s was a golden era for TV animation. It was the decade of ThundercatsInspector GadgetTransformersDucktalesThe SmurfsHe-Man and The Masters of the UniverseCare Bears, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Yet arguably, the best of them all was The Real Ghostbusters

The show arrived at a time when studios were eager to translate box office gold into something palatable for younger audiences. It didn’t always quite go to plan, of course, as short-lived and ill-advised animated incarnations of everything from Rambo to The Karate Kid can attest. 


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