Rick and Morty: A Guide to Every Voice Actor

Rick and Morty has welcomed many voice actors into its multiverse of madness over the years.

Rick and Morty Voice Actors
Photo: Adult Swim

Through its first six seasons, identifying who voiced one of the many aliens, critters, or goobers on Rick and Morty was a pretty easy thing to do. That’s because, in addition to performing as the titular lead characters, co-creator Justin Roiland also embodied most of the show’s strange background players.

Following season 6, however, Roiland was fired from the series due to receiving domestic battery charges (later dropped) and multiple allegations of sexual assault. With Roiland gone, multiple actors have stepped in to fill the roles of Rick, Morty, and the whole other host of characters from the Adult Swim hit’s increasingly large constellation of galaxies, timelines, and multiverses. Even without the personnel change midway through, Rick and Morty‘s cast of voice actors was already pretty confusing beast to make sense of. So let’s try to do exactly that.

Gathered here is a list of (to the best of our knowledge) every voice actor who has popped up on Rick and Morty, who they played, and where you may have heard (or seen) them before. Note: This list is organized into “Main Cast,” “Supporting Cast,” and “Famous Guest Actors.” It occurs in rough chronological order from the actors who performed in season 1 through the most recent episodes.

Main Cast

Justin Roiland (Seasons 1-6)

Rick, Morty, Mr. Meseeks, Mr. Poopybutthole, Many Other Characters


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