The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon: Ending Explained – What Carol’s Return Means for Season 2

Melissa McBride’s Carol is back in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon finale! We talked to showrunner David Zabel about what her return means for the future of the show.

Carol and Daryl on The Walking Dead
Photo: Jace Downs/AMC

This Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon article contains spoilers.

Daryl Dixon always finds a way to get out of sticky situations and the season finale of his own spinoff show is no different. Not only does Daryl and his squad manage to escape the clutches of Genet and her drugged-up zombies but he manages to get both Laurent and Isabelle to the Nest in Mont-Saint-Michel (with a surprise assist from Codron).

It seems like Daryl’s job in France is done as he passes through Normandy, pays a visit to his grandpappy who died during World War II, and prepares to board a boat back to the States. That’s until Laurent shows up at the last minute, along with a horde of walkers who would love nothing more than to eat him. Now Daryl has a choice to make between staying with Laurent and Isabelle or heading home to his own family.

But before we can see what Daryl chooses, the finale cuts back to America, where we catch up with none other than Carol, who’s chasing down a biker who might know where Daryl disappeared to. Carol is of course on the right track. She’s made it to Maine and will likely soon learn that her pal has been shipped off to Europe. What happens next…well, you’ll have to wait until season 2 to find out.


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