South Park: Ranking The Best Halloween Episodes

Spooky season is never far away on South Park so let’s count down our favorite halloween episodes.

The South Park kids dresses as Avengers for Halloween.
Photo: Comedy Central

Who knows when we’ll see the next South Park Halloween special. The classic animated series isn’t going away anytime soon but ever since Paramount found success with doling out South Park specials for the streaming world, the traditional fall release format suddenly seems up in the air. If a South Park episode release date never happens to coincide with spooky season again, that would be a shame.

The show’s Halloween episodes are easily fan favorites as creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker pay homage to the best frights in pop culture history. We’ve counted 10 true Halloween episodes over the last 25 seasons and we’re ranking them in order of the worst to the best so that we can all argue about it in the comments section.

10. “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”

(Original airdate: 10/23/2013)

If you stopped me on the street and said: “Hey Chris, I love your writing and you seem like a really cool dude. I also love Den of Geek, the premier entertainment publication in of all the land. By the way, what’s your least favorite South Park episode?” I would respond by saying the most recent stinker that comes to mind, “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers.” 


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