Has Taskmaster Finally Bagged Jack Dee As a Contestant?

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, or maybe little Alex Horne just teased the Taskmaster series 17 line-up might finally contain his dream contestant…

Alex Horne in Taskmaster
Photo: Avalon

Okay, nobody panic, but we think we might be onto something… we think comedian Jack Dee might be in Taskmaster series 17. And it’s about flippin’ time.

You see, quite predictably, Alex Horne has been asked many times over the years who his dream Taskmaster contestant is – and he’s been blissfully, almost eerily, consistent. 

It’s Jack Dee. Yep, again, Jack Dee. Dream Taskmaster contestant is definitely Jack Dee. He really couldn’t make it any clearer: he wants Jack Dee on the show. 

Even as recently as this March, when The Express asked him, he said:


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