Bodies Ending Explained: What the Flip Was Going on with Elias and the Loop?

Timey wimey! If Netflix’s Bodies has you scratching your head, we attempt to untangle its questions here.

Shira Haas as Iris Maplewood in Bodies on Netflix
Photo: Netflix

Warning: major spoilers for the Bodies finale.

“I hope they feel like they’re coming down from a trip or out of a trance,” said Bodies showrunner Paul Tomalin when asked what he hoped viewers would take away after watching his adaptation of Si Spencer’s graphic novel of the same name. Job done. Eight-episode mystery Bodies tells an extremely ambitious story, and deserves to be filed alongside 1899, The OA and Sense8 in Netflix’s trip/trance sci-fi category.

Fans of that category will know that it’s a perilous place to be when it comes to recommissioning. All of the shows above were cut short after failing to break through to a wide-enough audience – perhaps as a result of their complicated philosophical and sci-fi ideas, or perhaps for not managing to prove quite as much fun as their high concept ideas promised.

Luckily for viewers, Bodies’ characters and plots do reach a satisfying conclusion that means a recommission isn’t required – even if a slightly cynical attempt to leave a door open for a potential return has been tacked on to the end. Let’s explore that ending, and any lingering questions…


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