Loki’s Big Change to Victor Timely’s Backstory Has Major Ramifications

Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer in Loki
Photo: Gareth Gattrell/Marvel

This article contains spoilers for Loki season 2 episode 3

It doesn’t matter if you call him He Who Remains, Kang the Conqueror, or Victor Timely. The trans-dimensional being behind the TVA is a big deal. Not only is he slated to be the major baddie behind the current three-phase arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his comic book counterpart has connections to the most important team in the Marvel Universe.

But the latest episode of Loki‘s second season offers a quiet and potentially powerful revision to the future of the MCU. We learn that He Who Remains developed a safeguard to protect the TVA in the case of his death, which went into effect when Sylvie killed him at the end of season one. Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer go back to 1868 Chicago and encounter a young He Who Remains, and the time travelers slip him a copy of the TVA handbook penned by Ouroboros, striking the ingenious lad with inspiration.

When we next meet He Who Will Remain When He Grows Up in 1893, he’s using the name Victor Timely and showing off an early version of the TVA’s loom to attendees of the World’s Fair. In short, Loki episode three establishes He Who Remains’ origin in the mid-19th century American Midwest. Granted, Loki, Ravonna, and Mobius refer to Timely as a “Variant,” which suggests that this might be just another version of He Who Remained Until He Didn’t, but given the “Sacred Timeline” chyron, we can safely assume that Timely is the Prime He.


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