The Heartbreaking Ghosts Book Detail That Makes Kitty’s Death All the Sadder

We regret to inform Ghosts fans that Kitty’s death is even crueller than we first thought – thanks to a revelation in new book Ghosts: The Button House Archives

Lolly Adefope as Kitty in Ghosts
Photo: BBC

WARNING: This contains SPOILERS for series five of Ghosts

Oh, Kitty. For five whole series of BBC sitcom Ghosts we’ve wondered how this adorably naive, golden-retriever-in-Georgian-noblewoman-form (played by Lolly Adefope) came to lose her life, and thanks to the latest episode “Pineapple Day” we finally know the answer. 

But if you’re still reeling from discovering how Kitty died, we’ve got even more bad news for you, thanks to a heartbreaking revelation in one of her diary entries, which is featured in the show’s upcoming book Ghosts: The Button House Archives.

Quick recap: Kitty’s death is particularly cruel and needless (and, given how the other ghosts died, that’s saying something), stemming from an innocent moment of her textbook enthusiasm for life. As the show’s final series has recently revealed, Kitty was delighted to experience pineapple for the first time when Lord Bummenbach brought her family one as a gift after returning from the Americas. As Kitty excitedly held the pineapple aloft, she didn’t realise it was harbouring a poisonous spider, and she mistook its fatal venomous bite for the pineapple’s prickly skin.


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