The Boys and Gen V: What Is Every Supe’s Power?

Get to know the powers of The Seven and other notable supes in the world of Prime Video’s The Boys and its spinoff Gen V.

Ashley, Black Noir, The Deep, and Homelander gather around a computer on The Boys season 3
Photo: Prime Video

This article contains spoilers for The Boys seasons 1-3 and GEN V season 1.

In the world of Prime Video’s The Boys, superheroes – or supes as they’re not-so-affectionately called – are a part of normal, everyday life. But these supes aren’t naturally born, they’re created by Vought Industry’s Compound V serum. Even though Vought does their best to control who does and does not become a supe, they don’t have control over how abilities manifest in people who take Compound V.

This leads to a wide variety of powers among the supes on the show, including those in the prestigious superhero group known as The Seven. With so many superpowered characters appearing in both large and small roles throughout the series, it can be hard to keep track of what exactly everyone can do. Here is a handy guide breaking down the powers of The Seven, as well as a few other notable supes in The Boys and its spinoff Gen V. Meanwhile, a full list of every supe in The Boys can be found over here.

Annie January (Erin Moriarty) in The Boys

Annie January a.k.a Starlight

In Season 1, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) becomes the newest member of The Seven. She has super strength – in the first episode we see her lift a car and punch holes through a brick wall. However, her truly unique powers come from her ability to control and channel electricity. Starlight can use electric currents to produce blasts of light and sparks that can incapacitate certain opponents, she can destroy anything that uses electricity with pinpoint accuracy, and, as we learn in the season 3 finale, she can briefly levitate if she absorbs enough energy. Her eyes and hands glow as her powers activate. Starlight also has fairly durable skin. While not as impenetrable as Homelander’s, she can take bullets without them leaving much more than a scratch and it takes a crystal saw to cut through her skin enough to remove her Vought tracking device.


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