Doctor Who Anniversary Air Dates Confirmed!

60th specials The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle will arrive weekly from November on BBC One and Disney+

Doctor Who 60th anniversary special poster for The Star Beast
Photo: BBC Studios/Bad Wolf/Disney

Praise Russell T Davies and his list of demands – Doctor Who is coming back to Saturday nights!

There’s no more guesswork required as to when the three 60th anniversary specials will air; the BBC has confirmed that we’ll get one a week starting from Saturday November 25, two days after the show’s official birthday on Thursday 23, and continuing on Saturday December 2 and Saturday December 9.

The exact BBC One time slots have yet to be announced, but common sense says that we’re looking at the pre-Strictly Come Dancing six to seven pm hour in the UK. If Disney+ is synchronising the streaming release worldwide, that would make it somewhere around lunchtime in the US. We’ll update as soon as the time slots are confirmed.

Each new extended special was written by Russell T Davies, with music by returning composer Murray Gold, and will be an hour long.


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