Our Flag Means Death: How The Season 2 Finale Perfectly Sets Up Season 3

The OFMD finale was one wild voyage of twists and turns, but there’s plenty of life in this pirate comedy yet. Bring on season three!

Con O'Neill as Izzy in Our Flag Means Death
Photo: warner bros

WARNING: This contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Our Flag Means Death season 2.

The tagline of Our Flag Means Death warned us to “prepare to have your ship wrecked”, but it didn’t prepare fans for the utter carnage and heartbreak of the season two finale. 

While Blackbeard’s new career as a fisherman was thankfully short lived, he returned to discover the Republic of Pirates decimated by Prince Ricky (Erroll Shand, The Luminaries) and the navy, who had wiped out Zheng Yi Sao’s entire fleet, commandeered Spanish Jackie’s bar and imprisoned the crew of The Revenge ready for execution.

But no sooner had Stede (Rhys Darby) and Ed (Taika Waititi) got the swashbuckling romantic reunion of their dreams, and alongside Zheng Yi Sao come up with a perilous plan to defeat Prince Ricky’s naval fleet, we got the biggest plot gut punch of Our Flag Means Death yet: Blackbeard’s lovably foul-mouthed and antagonistic first mate Izzy Hands (Con O’Neill, Happy Valley) was fatally wounded by Ricky during their escape mission, and died in Ed’s arms.


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