Loki Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Confusing Heart of the TVA

“Heart of the TVA” delivers a bombshell ending twist that Loki and Marvel fans won’t soon forget. Our recap…

Loki Season 2 Episode 4
Photo: Marvel Studios

This Loki review contains spoilers.

Loki Season 2 Episode 4

“I promise you this will make sense.” Loki says those words to Sylvie, who just watched him prune another Loki in front of her. But Tom Hiddleston delivers the lines directly at the camera, as if speaking directly to the viewers.

And it is a necessary word of comfort, because Loki season two blows things up in a big way, perhaps even more so than the season one finale. Written by Eric Martin and Kathryn Blair and directed by showrunners Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, “Heart of the TVA” features a lot of running around and shouting technobabble, but it feels more earned than the other times its happened in the previous two episodes.

Even before Victor Timely moves toward the temporal loom and promptly explodes (“Time to recast Kang?” many internet commenters wondered at once), there’s a sense of finality to the episode, one that addresses the lingering problems of this largely enjoyable season. “Heart of the TVA” takes time to catch up with all of the principal characters, even those we haven’t spent much time with. Loki‘s secret superpower has always been its casting, which gathers fantastic actors with unique looks, making the TVA feel like a genuine nexus point for multiple realities.


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