Lucy Beaumont is Taskmaster’s Glorious Queen of Weird

Wherever Lucy Beaumont’s home planet is, we want to live there.

Taskmaster's Lucy Beaumont
Photo: Avalon/Channel 4

“She does them to the best of her ability but sometimes that means she comes across as quite feral, like she’s been brought up by a pack of wolves”.

Not our verdict on comedian Lucy Beaumont’s performance in the tasks on Taskmaster, but her own in the below series 16 cast interview, where speaking in the third person wasn’t an affectation but a requirement.

Nothing about Lucy Beaumont, according to Taskmaster’s Alex Horne and Greg Davies, is a put on. “We initially thought it might have been an affectation to a degree, or a character,” Davies told Chortle. “But the more it went on, we both started to go, ‘No, I think this is how Lucy lives her life’.” 

How Beaumont lives her life is documented to an extent in Dave sitcom Meet the Richardsons, a heightened version of her day-to-day family existence with comedian husband Jon Richardson and their young daughter Elsie. Beaumont co-writes that show, which is almost five series in, as well as Channel 4 comedy Hullraisers, soon to air its second run. She’s also the author of a book and is currently selling out dates on a UK-wide comedy tour.


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