Life on Our Planet: The Top 10 Coolest Prehistoric Animals Featured in the Netflix Series

The folks behind Netflix’s Life on Our Planet highlight the most interesting prehistoric critters featured in the docuseries.

Photo: Netflix

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Life on Our Planet sees 65 prehistoric animals brought back from the dead. Each of them has their own amazing story to tell. Based on a combination of factors—from science to story to whether they’re cult classics or unsung heroes, here’s the team’s top 10.

1. Lystrosaurus

This curious, pig-sized proto-mammal was at one point destined to be a mere footnote in history. But then the Permian Extinction came and Lystrosaurus inherited the Earth. Skills that previously weren’t special suddenly became game-changers when the apocalypse ushered in a new era. Skills like being small, living in burrows, and enjoying a varied diet let Lystrosaurus thrive when others did not. So much so that in the years following the mass extinction, Lystrosaurs made up 75 percent of all vertebrate life on land—something no other animal has done before or since.

2. Plateosaurus 

After the Carnian Pluvial Event 232 million years ago, a new dynasty of creatures took over our world: the dinosaurs. One of the earliest was Plateosaurus—a kind of prototype sauropod. The adults were the biggest animals of the time, but the babies were adorable, as depicted in Life on Our Planet. If you could bring one animal back to life as a pet, Plateosaurus would be it. It’s just a shame it has to grow so large!


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