The Best Horror TV Shows of the 21st Century

Your TV is filled with things that go bump in the night. Den of Geek presents the best horror shows of the 21st century.

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Photo: Art by Chloe Lewis

No medium understands the terrifying potential of TV quite like film does. That’s right: countless horror movies have paid homage to the spooky possibilities of their industry’s smaller screen little brother over the years. Movies like Poltergeist, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, and The Ring all recognize that a television set is a powerful, scary totem.

A TV set is a device that families have placed in their living rooms for decades, passively welcoming in all manner of signals, blithely trusting that evil somehow won’t piggyback its way on them. Still, for much of television’s early years, there wasn’t a ton of great horror series to speak of (aside from the truly iconic like The Twilight Zone). That has all changed now.

With the arrival of the 21st century has come a veritable explosion of great horror TV shows. Thanks to the influence of the 20th century creepy classic The X-Files, TV storytellers now fully understand that horror belongs on TV just as much as it does in the movies. So we’ve gathered here 40 of the most terrifying TV shows the medium has to offer. Note that only shows that premiered in 2000 or later are eligible, which is why you won’t see the aforementioned X-Files.

40. Folklore

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