Doctor Who Anniversary: What Actually IS Tales of the TARDIS?

Classic Who serials The Curse of Fenric, The Time Meddler and more now come with exciting cast reunion extras. All the info here.

Peter Davison and Janet Fielding hug in Tales of the TARDIS: Earthshock
Photo: Maxine Howells/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios

If Doctor Who fans ever felt hard done by during any of the show’s previous big anniversaries (disgruntled Who fans?! Never, sir!) then the 60th is here to soothe spirits, hand out cherished gifts, and generally make a bloody big hair-ruffling fuss of the lot of us.

First came news of David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s return in three anniversary specials, then came the ‘roughly 8 million episodes of Doctor Who are coming to BBC iPlayer on November 1’ announcement, then they brought back Doctor Who Confidential under a different name, and now…

…three Classic era Doctors are returning alongside eight former Doctor Who Companions (plus The Sarah Jane Adventures’ Clyde Langer) for new series Tales of the TARDIS.

New Scenes, Classic Who Cast

Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant in Tales of the TARDIS

Not a behind-the-scenes documentary, and not standalone adventures, the six-part series will pair up the stars of classic Who acting in new scenes together, in character, wrapped around episodes from six existing serials.


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