Doctor Who: What Happened to Donna Noble’s Lottery Win?

Donna isn’t exactly dripping with diamonds in the 60th anniversary trailers, so what happened to all that triple rollover money?

David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Doctor and Donna in Doctor Who Specials 2023
Photo: BBC Studios 2023, Zoe McConnell

The Tenth Doctor claiming his “reward” is one of the most moving and emotional sequences in Doctor Who. After sacrificing himself to protect Wilfred Mott in “The End of Time Part II”, the regeneration process begins, but just before he’s forced to go, the Doctor grants himself a rare gift. He uses the TARDIS not to save worlds, but to intervene in the lives of people he loves and indulges in a run of rare personal victories.

Ten saves Martha from a sniper, pushes Sarah-Jane Smith’s son out of the path of an oncoming car, hooks Captain Jack up with hot space-Titanic midshipman Frame, checks in on Joan Redfern (the school nurse with whom his human self “John Smith” fell in love in “Human Nature/The Family of Blood”) and tells Rose Tyler on January 1 2005 that he bets she’s about to have a really great year.

Fittingly, seeing as the Doctor and Donna first met on another of her wedding days, Ten’s longest ‘good fairy’ scene plays out on the day of Donna’s wedding to Shaun Temple – the fiancé that wasn’t secretly planning to feed her to a massive space spider.

By the time of the 60th anniversary specials, Shaun is still around and he and Donna have a 15-year-old daughter named Rose. (On that: either the anniversary episodes are set in 2025 or some of that DoctorDonna regeneration energy stuck around in Donna’s system, because her wedding to Shaun is supposed to have taken place in spring 2010 when there was no sign of a baby Rose. Perhaps she was adopted? A Dawn-from-Buffy deal? Then again, maybe it’s nothing – try to follow a consistent timeline for Doctor Who and you may as well book your spot at a special sanatorium now.)


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