Taskmaster Champion of Champions 3 Is Filming This Month!

Yes, we already know who’s in it, but why not savour one of life’s tiny joys and get excited anyway?

Taskmaster Greg Davies Alex Horne
Photo: Avalon

Kendall. Robinson. Duker. Ó’Briain. Martin. The fight is ON.

The winners of Taskmaster series 11-15 are currently doing sit-ups, drinking pints of raw egg, and running up and down the steps outside Chiswick Library (there are only three so it’s not taxing, but they do keep getting in the way of people trying to return their Dan Browns). They’re in training for Taskmaster’s third Champion of Champions contest.

A little reminder of the contenders for this title now, on account of the internet having destroyed everybody’s attention spans, and shrunk our ability to retain information for longer than it takes a toaster to pop.

Champion of Champions 3 Line-Up

Sarah Kendall

Representing series 11 is the magnificently-maned Sarah Kendall, Australian comic, writer and actor. She’s technically the dunce of this operation going in with a whole-series points score of just 158, but a dynamite chick like her isn’t about to let that get in the way. The woman’s ready for the apocalypse at all times, do not underestimate her.


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