Doctor Who Bringing Donna Noble Back Is a Chance to Fix a Great Injustice

Catherine Tate’s Donna is the perfect choice of companion to bring back.

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble in Doctor Who
Photo: BBC

Doctor Who fans finally have a date for the broadcast of “The Star Beast”, the first of three specials to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary. As we all start opening the little advent calendar windows counting down to the 25th of November, we are starting to have questions. During this celebration returning showrunner Russell T Davies has six whole decades of storytelling to draw from.

The 50th anniversary hit upon some of the most iconic high points of the series – Daleks, UNIT, multi-Doctor stories, the Time War, even the Zygons!

But from what we have seen of the upcoming specials the callbacks this time around are a little bit more… esoteric. The Toymaker, a one-and-done villain from a lost episode at the dawn of the series. Beep the Meep, and a story called “The Star Beast”, hinting that this might be an adaptation or sequel to a mostly forgotten comic story from the eighties. Instead of the classic multi-Doctor shindig we are used to, we have had the latest Doctor regenerate into a past incarnation (David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor).

And among all of that, we have the return of Donna Noble, the Tenth Doctor’s companion during the second Christmas Special, “The Runaway Bride”, and the fourth season of the new show, as played by Catherine Tate.


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