Netflix’s Bodies Explained: Syed Tahir’s Story Is a Sci-Fi Take on a Familiar Tale

What was going on with Syed in Bodies? Perhaps more than meets the eye. Spoilers.

Chaneil Kular in Netflix's Bodies episode 1
Photo: Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023.

Warning: contains major plot spoilers for Netflix’s Bodies.

Of all the brow-furrowing questions surrounding the plot of Netflix’s ambitious time travel sci-fi Bodies, the role of a character who doesn’t even make it past episode one is still perplexing some fans.

In the 2023-set story, Syed Tahir (played by Sex Education and Accused actor Chaneil Kular) is the 17-year-old whom DS Hasan spots hiding in an alleyway at the Far Right march she’s been drafted in to help police in the opening episode. When Hasan sees that the teenager has a gun, she goes against orders and pursues him. She chases him all the way to Longharvest Lane, where she discovers a naked corpse who’s been shot dead. “This isn’t me,” he tells her, obviously terrified, and runs away.

The police later identify Syed, and Hasan convinces his sister Aaliyah (played by The Capture and Sandylands’ Natalie Dew) to put them in touch by promising to keep him safe. When Syed arranges to meet Hasan in the food court of a shopping centre though, he fatally shoots himself in the head before the armed police can take him in.


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