Payback’s Ending Ties Up Loose Ends So Neatly That Other Crime Series Could Learn Something

The ITV drama starring Morven Christie certainly packs a lot of twists into its six episodes, but here’s who killed Jared and what happened to the £27 million

ITV drama Payback
Photo: ITV

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for all six episodes of Payback

Now we’ve streamed all of ITV’s latest crime thriller Payback on ITVX, we’re really going to miss being thoroughly confused, because its six mega-twisty episodes kept us guessing right to the end. 

Writer Debbie O’Malley left no plot stone unturned in newly widowed Lexie’s (Morven Christie, The Bay) quest to find out who killed her accountant husband Jared (Thoren Fergun, The Midwich Cuckoos) and just what he’d done with £27 million of crime lord Cal Morris’ (Peter Mullan, The Rings of Power) hard-crimed cash.

In fact, the only questions we’ve got are: how did they manage to make financial crimes so exciting? How was Cal so terrifying, and yet so unfathomably likeable? And – after she spent all six episodes wearing a distinctive olive green number – does Lexie not own more than one coat?


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