Attack on Titan Finale End Credits Scenes Explained: What’s Next for Paradis?

Nothing ever truly ends as the final episode of Attack on Titan’s brilliant and evocative credits reveal.

Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 Titan Confrontation
Photo: Crunchyroll

This article contains spoilers for ATTACK ON TITAN: THE FINAL CHAPTERS (PART 2).

After four seasons, the brutal anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has come to a bloody and heartbreaking end with a concluding television special. Featuring the death of many longtime characters, including the show’s tortured protagonist Eren Jaeger, the Attack on Titan series finale did not hold back with its signature intensity as the heroic Scout Regiment battled the carnivorous Titans for humanity’s survival. However, the story didn’t end with the devastating war’s conclusion nor its denouement as humanity picked up the pieces from its showdown with the Titans.

An end credit sequence offers the audience an epilogue mirroring the final scenes in Isayama’s manga series, bringing the story and its themes to a bittersweet close. Here’s what happens during Attack on Titan’s end credit sequence and what it suggests about the wider implications of this fan-favorite anime world.

What Happens in the Attack on Titan Series Finale?

Attack on Titan revolves around a war between the fantasy steampunk kingdoms of Eldia and Marley, with Titans, towering figures that can easily crush and devour any humans in their way, employed in the escalating conflict. The only vulnerable point for a Titan is the nape of the neck, where they human hosts lay dormant inside them. Eren is manipulated by his father Grisha to become the ultimate Titan warrior in revenge for the death of Grisha’s younger sister to Marleyan soldiers when they were both children.


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