How The New Quantum Leap Plays With Lore

Despite being a sequel to the original series, the new Quantum Leap isn’t afraid to bend the supposed rules of the universe.

Quantum Leap Season 2 and the lore.
Photo: NBC

Despite its status as one of the least “sci-fi” of sci-fi shows, in part due to its focus on “down to Earth” stories, the original Quantum Leap still has a set of “rules” that fans judge its stories by. A Leaper can’t leap outside their own lifetime. “God, time, fate, or whatever” is leaping people through time. Aliens exist. Sam (Scott Bakula) never got home after the end of the original series and it was a travesty.

These rules have become sacrosanct to fans of the series, especially without new material for over 30 years. Fans have constantly poured over the original episodes of Quantum Leap, laying out the hard rules of what can and can’t be done in the world. It’s no surprise that when the new Quantum Leap debuted, especially since it’s an in-continuity sequel to the original series, fans were ready to call out any and all “rule breaking” the show did.

Ben (Raymond Lee) is able to leap outside his own lifetime. A recent episode theorized that “sacrifice” is what leaps people through. Aliens may not exist. Sam not getting home maybe wasn’t as bad as it seemed. These are just a few of the changes that have rankled fans. Why is the new series questioning the deeply entrenched rules of the original series?

While Martin Gero and Dean Georgaris, executive producers and showrunners of the new Quantum Leap are committed to being “reverential” to the old series they, as Gero puts it, never want to be, “restricted by it.”


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