Doctor Who Anniversary: What is Russell T Davies Hiding About “Wild Blue Yonder”?

The biggest mystery of Doctor Who’s three 60th anniversary specials is its second episode. But showrunner RTD has just revealed some titillating new details…

David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor Who episode Wild Blue Yonder
Photo: BBC

WARNING: contains minor SPOILERS for Doctor Who episode “Wild Blue Yonder”

We’ve been speculating about the 60th anniversary Doctor Who specials for well over a year now, with one detail after another being drip-fed to fans via announcements and trailers, and episode one “The Star Beast” having recently had a starry premiere screening, but with mere weeks to go we still know next to nothing about the second episode, “Wild Blue Yonder”.

This was a deliberate choice by showrunner Russell T Davies. Speaking in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Davies revealed his dream that the second special would air with no previews whatsoever:

“This is the secret one,” Davies explained, “I wanted to take one of the Specials and say ‘Let’s protect this one. Let’s try to reveal nothing about it’”.


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