Doom Patrol Ending Explained: Series Finale Bids Farewell to DC’s Strangest Heroes

After four seasons of superheroic high strangeness, DC’s Doom Patrol has come to a fitting conclusion. Here’s how.

Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero in Doom Patrol
Photo: Zac Popik | Max

This article contains spoilers for Doom Patrol season 4 episode 12.

After four seasons, the fan-favorite DC Comics superhero series Doom Patrol has come to an end, signaling the end of an era for superhero programming on Max. The final season saw the misfit superhero team talk on multiple apocalyptic threats while continuing to find their humanity amidst their respectively monstrous transformations. In typical Doom Patrol fashion, this superhero action and emotional introspection is punctuated with raunchy, irreverent humor, even a full-on musical episode before the end credits roll on the series finale.

Here is how the Doom Patrol series finale resolves its final battle, leaves each of its main characters, and provides the Max original series with a surprisingly emotional send-off, both triumphant and thoroughly bittersweet by the end.

The Story So Far…

Doom Patrol season 4 began with Rita Farr a.k.a. the Elasti-Woman leading the team after the death of the original chief Niles Caulder in season 3. Joining them since season 3 is Madam Rouge, seeking redemption for her previous wicked ways. The team is temporarily drawn into an alternate future which has been overrun by zombified were-butts, with an older version of Cyborg warning them to avert this apocalypse from coming to pass in their timeline.


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